Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

Most homeowners fail to realize that their home can depreciate quickly if not taken care of properly. For instance, a small crack in the wall or foundation can become a serious issue down the years if left unattended.

In my annual home maintenance inspection report, I will list out these early signs of damage so that you can get them fixed while you still can, without having to break the bank.

Some of the critical areas that are inspected during a maintenance inspection are:


Your roof is the first line of defense against environmental elements, such as rain, storm and sun. It can develop a leak or wear out over time. I will inspect the roof thoroughly and list out the issues that I might find.


Almost all issues in the attic are insidious. By the time you come to know about an issue in your attic, it’d be too late. However, regular inspection can help you nip the problem in the bud.

I will assess your attic area for insulation issues, pest infestation, damp, poor ventilation and material decay. Over time, your attic could develop mildew problems as well. Identifying these issues and taking immediate measures is crucial to your property’s health.


Does your home’s foundation have cracks? Is it sinking or having moisture intrusion? My annual maintenance home inspection will provide answers to these questions, along with repair recommendations and cost implications.

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