Pier/Dock and Seawall Inspections Services

We all know that moisture is the worst enemy of a brick and mortar property. That is why when it comes to buying a waterfront home, you shouldn’t go without dock and seawall inspection.

Being a fully trained, InterNACHI-certified home inspector, I will find issues with the dock and seawall and document my findings in an easy-to-understand report. A small dock inspection fee can save you from surprise repairs worth thousands of dollars.

Marine structures are built differently. Since inspecting a dock/seawall requires a highly trained eye, not all home inspectors are equipped for the job. I have spent many years inspecting coastal homes, and trust me, I have seen it all. It is this experience and knowledge that enables me to find hidden defects because I know where to look for.

I can inspect all materials, including wood, concrete and composite. I will document the evidence of deterioration or any potential issue in the report, along with photos and videos, to help you understand each one of those issues better.

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