Pool and Space Inspection Services in Ragland

Your pool and spa require proper maintenance and regular inspection so that you can benefit from them for years to come. Your pool maintenance professional is responsible for only your pool’s chemistry and cleanliness. Using a comprehensive checklist, I will inspect your pool and spa for all of the other items to ensure their proper condition and function, as well as your family’s safety.

A swimming pool is one of the major features of a property. Uncovering any defects in the swimming pool means there’s a bright opportunity for you to negotiate the price.

I will keep my eyes peeled for any significant wear and tear as well as early signs of deterioration. In case the water pump is not working or the drainage system isn’t functioning properly, I will figure it out.

Also, a swimming pool that doesn’t comply with local safety regulations can attract legal troubles. As a licensed inspector, my job is to tally all the features and amenities of the pool with the checklist issued by your local council. If there’s any non-compliant element, you can ask the seller to fix the issue or give you a concession on the final price of the property.

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