General Inspection

Purchasing a home is a significant investment. When you’re spending a huge portion of your hard-earned money, you should be confident about your purchase. This is where Certified Home Inspection comes in. We are a reputable company for a home inspection in Philadelphia.

We provide affordable general inspection services to analyse the condition of your home and identify any flaws. We carry out a non-invasive on-site inspection to determine the quality of home installations and discover faulty systems, defective building components, health & safety hazards and so on.

We conclude our findings in a detailed inspection report. Our easy-to-understand reports include high-definition photographs and illustrations for better understanding.

Our general inspection services will allow you to make an informed purchasing decision and assist with the negotiation process.


General Inspection by Certified Home Inspector

There’s a lot that could be wrong with a property that isn’t visible to the untrained eye. That’s why it’s crucial to get a home inspector involved before finalizing a purchase.

At Certified Home Inspection, we are a team of fully trained and licensed home inspectors offering general home inspection services in Philadelphia. Our services are dependable and prompt. We meticulously inspect all home components including, roof systems, exterior systems, plumbing systems, heating systems, electrical systems, bathroom fixtures, kitchen elements and more.

We encourage our clients to accompany us for the inspection process. In case you have any questions or doubts, this allows us to address your concerns. Our goal is to give you an unbiased inspection of the property you’re planning to purchase.

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